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Atas Butter

Party Pack

Party Pack

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Elevate Your Event with Our Butter Platter!

Whether you're planning an intimate gathering, a celebratory event, or a business function, our Butter Platter is designed to take your spread to the next level. Imagine your guests indulging in warm, crusty bread smeared generously with our signature butters, or adding a dollop of flavor to their favorite dishes. It's a sensory journey that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

If our Taster Pack is not enough for you, this Party Pack comes with 50g slabs of each of our six main flavours, the Salted Cultured Butter, Smoked Cultured Butter, Yuzu Butter, Gula Melaka Butter, Kombu Butter and Mala Butter. It also comes with crackers which you can serve our butter with.

So, if you're ready to impress your guests and create an event that's talked about long after it's over, look no further than our Butter Platter. Elevate your gathering with a touch of culinary luxury, and let the flavors of our butters take center stage, ensuring your event is nothing short of remarkable.

Available in store, while stocks last.

Note: We will be switching our crackers to the OB Finest Wafer Crackers - Original crackers.

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